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Cooking Simulator On Steam

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Pam’s Harvestcraft adds over 275 foods and recipes to the game, and the trees and crops from which you’ll harvest your ingredients. Cooking for Blockheads will help make sense of the chaos by providing you with a cookbook that shows you everything you can make with the ingredients you have on-hand. It also adds all the blocks you’ll need to make a fully functioning kitchen – an oven, a sink, a fridge etc – you know what goes in a kitchen.

Possibly the only slight disappointment is a lack of desserts on the menu to sweeten proceedings. Nevertheless, with around 70 different recipes to master, there’s decent variety at least. Short list of game mechanics that are interesting and/or can be abused over the parts of Cooking Simulator that are scored, such as the Career Mode. The simple fact that Cooking Simulator does what it says on the label makes it a must-have for anyone who loves cooking as much as they love gaming. In a lot of games that feature cooking, the secret to a great dish is some simple good ol’ fashioned button mashing. In this game, one has to be careful and conscious of every move.

It modifies the appearance of products, utensils and kitchen and introduces a new mechanic that slows down the time when the player’s not moving. The cooking game genre specifically focuses on restaurant management and whipping up recipes has taken a bit of a backseat since the release of Overcooked 2. Many management games and simulation games incorporate cooking as part of the experience, such as farming in Stardew Valley or setting the kitchen alight in the Sims. So, if you’re after a more authentic cooking game then look no further as we’ve collated a list of the best cooking games on PC from time management to puzzlers. Cooking Simulator uses a physics engine and cooking mechanics to allow the player to cook over 80 recipes by using over 140 ingredients.

To stay up to date with the latest PC gaming guides, news, and reviews, follow PCGamesN on Twitter and Steam News Hub, or download our free app for Overwolf. As you progress, you’ll unlock skills and develop your menu, and the world will react to your choices. It’s all about balancing the cost of your dishes and providing a service customers will return for. It’s still in Steam Early Access, so expect a few bugs and missing features.

Cooking School is a series of tutorials explaining all the game mechanics. Leaderboard Challenge is a game mode in which players compete by trying to prepare a single dish according to a recipe, with each dish having its own scoreboard. Winter Holidays offers a new kitchen and allows to serve a dinner to a number of guests by preparing dishes containing requested ingredients. SUPERHOT Challenge is the newest mode added as a free update on February 25, 2020 inspired by SUPERHOT to celebrate its 4th anniversary on Steam.

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