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“I just bought a bouquet for my wife for her birthday and she went nuts over it. She doesn’t want to eat cause it looks too beautiful but she will.

Thank-you Tamara for the wonderful job.  Count on my continued business.”


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Fruit Facts

Did you know strawberries are very high in Vitamin C, potassium and antioxidants.

Fruit Facts
From Fruit bouquets to Party trays, we have your holiday gift covered!


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Arrangements Size Price Quantity
Strawberry Sensation
Strawberry Sensation Small $25.00
Strawberry Sensation Medium $38.5
Strawberry Sensation Large $52.8
Strawberry Sensation XL Large $71.5
Strawberry Extravaganza
Strawberry Extravaganza Small $44
Strawberry Extravaganza Medium $60.5
Strawberry Extravaganza Large $85.8
Strawberry Extravaganza XL Large $104.5
Mini Bites Bouquet
Mini Bites Bouquet   $40.00
Berrylicious Small $40.70
Berrylicious Medium $60.50
Berrylicious Large $93.50
Berrylicious XL Large $148.50
Boxed Berries
Boxed Berries Chocolate Box $18-24
Party Trays
Party Trays Chocolate Dipped $1.50-1.85
Sunburst Bouquet
Sunburst Bouquet Small $27.00
Sunburst Bouquet Medium $33.00
Sunburst Bouquet Large $52.80
Sunburst Bouquet   $66.00
Natures Candy
Natures Candy Small $27.00
Natures Candy Large $49.50
Sweet Sentiments
Sweet Sentiments One Size $25.00
Banana Berry Bouquet
Banana Berry Bouquet Small $46.20
Banana Berry Bouquet Medium $66.00
Banana Berry Bouquet Large $97.90
Kabob Arrangement
Kabob Arrangement   $13.50
Baby Berries
Baby Berries One Size $38.50
Baby Berries With Bear and Balloon $49.50
Fruit Garden
Fruit Garden Small $49.50
Fruit Garden Medium $71.50
Fruit Garden Large $82.50
Fruit Garden XL Large $121.00
Sweet Delight
Sweet Delight Small $30.80
Sweet Delight Large $41.80
Bride and Groom Berries
Bride and Groom Berries per pair $6.60
Mini Bites Bouquet with Chocolate
Mini Bites Bouquet with Chocolate   $50.00
Natures Candy with Berries
Natures Candy with Berries   $44.00
Natures Candy with Berries   $66.00
Gourmet Caramel Apples
Gourmet Caramel Apples Individual $4.95
Boxed Apples
Boxed Apples Chocolate Box $20-24
Fresh Fruit Party Tray
Fresh Fruit Party Tray   $1.10
Natures Gift
Natures Gift Small $33
Natures Gift Medium $49.50
Natures Gift Large $71.50
Cake Bites
Cake Bites Individual $1.50
Holiday Cheer
Holiday Cheer Small $32.00
Holiday Cheer medium $50.00
Holiday Cheer large $75.00
Merry Berry Christmas
Merry Berry Christmas Small $60.00
Merry Berry Christmas Medium $82.00
Merry Berry Christmas Large $99.00
Merry Berry Christmas Extra Large $129.00
Festive Basket
Festive Basket Small $40.00
Festive Basket Medium $60.00
Festive Basket Large $89.00
Festive Basket Extra Large $140.00
Sunshine Bou-Cake
Sunshine Bou-Cake small $25.00
Sunshine Bou-Cake Medium $33.00
Sunshine Bou-Cake Large $41.80
Sunshine Bou-Cake   $60.50
Holiday Happiness
Holiday Happiness small $27.00
Holiday Happiness medium $38.00
Holiday Happiness Large $49.00
Nature's Gift
Nature’s Gift small $43.00
Nature’s Gift medium $63.00
Nature’s Gift large $78.00
Snowy Berries
Snowy Berries small $27.00
Snowy Berries medium $42.00
Snowy Berries large $55.00
Snowy Berries Extra large $69.00
Mini Bites Bouquet Holiday Design
Mini Bites Bouquet Holiday Design Small $50.00
Christmas Cake Bites
Christmas Cake Bites Individual $1.50
Christmas Cake Bites Boxed $6.00-18.00
Birthday bouquets!
Birthday bouquets! Small starting at $30
Birthday bouquets! Medium $46
Birthday bouquets! Large $70
Fruitful Holidays
Fruitful Holidays small $48.00
Fruitful Holidays medium $65.00
Fruitful Holidays large $80.00
Fruitful Holidays X-Large $120.00
Party Tray
Party Tray Customize your size $22.00-125.00
Fruitful Holiday with chocolate dip
Fruitful Holiday with chocolate dip Small $55.00
Fruitful Holiday with chocolate dip Medium $75.00
Fruitful Holiday with chocolate dip Large $90.00
Fruitful Holiday with chocolate dip X-Large $135.00
Chocolate dipped Oreo's
Butterfly Blossoms
Butterfly Blossoms small $38.00
Butterfly Blossoms medium $60.00
Butterfly Blossoms large $98.00
Elegant Arrangement
Elegant Arrangement small $33.00
Elegant Arrangement medium $48.00
Elegant Arrangement large $62.00
Elegant Arrangement XL $85

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