Preparing food Simulator. Try to prepare!

cooking Simulator

The Sandbox Mode lets you go wild and allows any of the recipes to be practiced at your own pace – or you can just smash a load of plates while deep frying a gas canister, it’s your call. For the hardcore chefs, Leaderboard Challenge sees you take on any meal in the hopes of pulling it off and setting a high score online. That’s your lot unfortunately and if the career does nothing for you, then the rest won’t be any more enjoyable.

Cake Mania is a time management game, that combines cheesy dialogue, satisfying timed levels, and colourful treats. We particularly love the new chill mode, which makes this one of the most relaxing games around by removing any time limits and just letting you cook at your own pace. The third installment of the popular cooking game series is finally out in Steam Early Access. You don’t have to be a dab hand in the kitchen to work your way around these cooking games.

I do have to say, though, for parents interested in getting this for their kids, I think this game is more fun for older children. The mechanics are a lot more complicated and careful than something like Cooking Mama. This isn’t to say a younger child wouldn’t have fun, but the fun in this game is derived from the stress of trying to get things done than the satisfaction derived from cooking up a good meal. For some good cooking games for kids (or that are overall just more light-hearted), check out our reviews for Waku Waku SweetsandLittle Dragons Café.

Quite often, single components of a pan can burn while the rest is still cooking, but that aspect isn’t taught nor how to solve such a problem from arising. I’m not sure what could be done about the physics though, with lemons, onions, potatoes and other foods often behaving like jumping beans. A simple task like putting a potato on a plate should lead to no hassle, however it’s pot luck as to whether it reaches its destination or just flops to the ground.

Overcooked 2 doubles down on the platforming elements of the first game, with levels boasting moving sections of kitchen, jumping puzzles, and even conveyor belts. Plus, you can throw ingredients around this time, which saves on time – thank goodness Onion Kingdom doesn’t have food hygiene ratings. Both Overcooked games have been remastered and re-released under the name Overcooked! All You Can Eat, but there are reportedly a few problems with online multiplayer, so you may prefer to wait for a patch before heading to the kitchen with your mates. In Overcooked 2 you play as a cartoon chef with the sole aim of fulfilling customer orders by following recipes using the various ingredients, utensils, and gadgets around the kitchen. It also means a lot of teamwork, and communication – so a stack of dirty plates doesn’t build up and cost you precious points.

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